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Cloudride LTD, a professional services company for public cloud platform, specialized on MS-AZURE& AWS in order to provide solutions tailored to your needs

Internet of Things is riddled with the challenges of managing heterogeneous equipment and processing and storing large masses of data. Businesses can solve many of the problems by building IoT in a scalable and flexible cloud architecture. The major cloud vendors — AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP — provide high-performance capabilities for such cloud architectures.

The Cloud Native Approach

Cloud-native approach involves building and managing applications that leverage the benefits of the cloud computing delivery model.

Written by — Ido Ziv DevOps Engineer @ Cloudride

Transitioning to DevOps requires a change in culture and mindset. In simple words, DevOps means removing the barriers between traditionally siloed teams: development and operations. In some organizations, there may not even be a separation between development, operations, and security teams; engineers are often required to do a bit of all. With DevOps, the two disciplines work together to optimize both the productivity of developers and the reliability of operations.

Written by — Michael Kahn FinOps Engineer @ Cloudride

Amazon Web Service’s Cost Anomaly Detection is a complimentary service that screens your spending trends to identify anomalous spending and provide in-depth cause analysis. Cost Anomaly detection helps to reduce unexpected cost surprises for customers.

written by — Ido Ziv DevOps Engineer @ Cloudride

Amid the Covid19 pandemic, and even prior, it seems as though cloud computing has become common grounds for companies of various fields, types, and sizes, from small startups to enterprises — everyone is migrating to the cloud.

Written by Kirill Morozov — CTO & Chief Architect @ Cloudride

The worldwide pandemic has hugely affected businesses, the biggest challenge being the need for telecommuting. Numerous organizations have moved to the cloud much faster, and in many cases, this implies that the best security controls have not been implemented. Herein is an overview of the cloud security threats that may be identified as problematic in the upcoming months.

How to enable ongoing continuity & access among existing local audiences & ongoing expansion to new markets

The Challenge

How to redesign the Azure production environment for enhanced security & governance, with zero disruption

The Challenge:

CI/CD and the cloud are like peas in a pod. The cloud eliminates the agony of introducing and keeping up actual servers. CI/CD automates much of the functions in building, testing, and deploying code. So why not join them and eliminate sweated labor in one go?

Perhaps the critical takeaway from 2020 is that reliability, flexibility, and security in cloud computing are the key determinants of business success. From the massive surges in consumer usage of data centers driven by the need for remote working and stay home mandates, multi-cloud environments have stood as more reliable, secure, and cost-effective.

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