AWS CI/CD Pipeline and its use cases

Use Cases for CI/CD Pipeline in AWS

  • Static code analysis
  • Unit tests
  • Functional tests
  • System tests
  • Integration tests
  • UI testing
  • Sanity tests
  • Regression tests

Benefits of using AWS CI/CD Workflows

Implementing CI/CD Pipeline with AWS

How to Integrate Security into CI/CD Pipeline In AWS

CI/CD best practices in Amazon Web Service

The best practices you can follow are as follows:

  • Continuously verify your infrastructure code to ensure no security flaws are introduced in the system and allow teams to fix them faster than before.
  • Implement a continuous delivery pipeline for your applications using AWS CodePipeline, with AWS CodeBuild for building and testing.
  • Use AWS Lambda functions to run tests by adding them into CodeBuild projects or integrate with third-party tools like Sauce Labs or BlazeMeter to run performance tests on-demand or as part of your pipelines.
  • Set up notifications (e-mail/Slack) between phases so team members can respond quickly when something goes wrong in any pipeline phase.
  • Implementing CI/CD in AWS helps to improve code quality, hasten delivery, reduce human intervention, enhance collaboration and reduce integration errors.



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