FinOps on the way vol. 2

2 min readMar 2, 2023

From $3K to $51… Big yes!

This time I will share How we reduced cloud costs from $3K to $51 in a month of 1 service without harming the functionality of the application.

Background: The organization is a middle business size with multiple finance services, working with cities’ payment systems and other national services. Using global developers as well as local ones.

They were using Amazon MQ for a while in 2 accounts: production & development.

Amazon MQ is a managed Message broker that allows software systems, to communicate and exchange information.

The Av. Daily cost for amazon MQ was $105.

So, what did we do?

  • We mapped the use of the service and found out that there is a broker running in the prod environment and 2 bigger brokers running in the Dev environment, which was weird.
  • We started to buy and downsize one of the Dev brokers and monitor if it had an impact on the activity.
  • We continue to downsize the Dev brokers and changed the type of machine till we got to a t3.micro.
  • We did the same with the Prod brokers.

In the end the Av. The daily cost for amazon MQ was $1.65.

It turns out that there was no need for the brokers the organization was using.

We handed up reducing the MQ costs from $3K to $51 a month. Meaning the company paid thousands of $ to AWS, for no reason, over the years.

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